Spring 1883, Sydney

11 - 14 Sep 2019

We are excited to show for the first time at Spring 1883 this September, presenting new work by Alexandra Standen and Simon Degroot.

Alexandra Standen
Alexandra Standen’s work explores our relationships to both physical and emotional spaces. Her work focuses on the subjective, cultural and ideological meanings of material objects, examining the way objects and their relationships act as metaphors for human behaviour.

Her practice also speaks to the process of making work in ceramic and a sense of unease that comes with engaging with a medium that holds a functional quality yet has a connotation of being fragile or precarious in nature.

Simon Degroot
Simon Degroot engages specific images from visual culture in order to reimagine these forms in abstract painting. He uses strategies of disassembly and reassembly to explore how abstract shapes from art history and the built environment can be translated into painting considering how abstraction can be used to build and compose new work while simultaneously acknowledging existing and past structures.

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