IN THE GALLERY: Social Distance

Kevin Chin

7 Jul - 1 Aug 2020

Kevin Chin – Art Collector in Focus from THIS IS NO FANTASY on Vimeo.

When Kevin Chin started this series, he was thinking about how our purportedly globally interconnected world can at times be isolating, and how we find solace in our increasingly urban life. As the series developed, the introduction of social distancing brought new significance. Kevin’s signature mastery of colour conveys the cheerfulness in making the best of testing circumstances. He finds a sublime stillness, to capture the complex mood of this time.

Amidst the tightening of national borders, Kevin mixes cultural references from Australia, Asia and America to show how great distances can be overcome by imagination. His surprising compositions combine urban and natural landscapes, to reflect the growing awareness of how our environmental impact comes back to us in turn.

The quiet optimism of these paintings is disarming. They mark this unique time in world events, a heartening reminder that distance is merely a state of mind.

Documentation by Janelle Low. Video courtesy of Art Collector

Kevin Chin, Social Distance, 2020 from THIS IS NO FANTASY on Vimeo.