Abbey McCulloch solo exhibition at Tweed Regional Gallery

Abbey McCulloch has a solo exhibition at Tweed Regional Gallery which will run from 9 December 2016 to 26 February 2017.

"Like bursts from a camera shutter, Abbey McCulloch’s series PERFORMANCE captures not only the most consciously posed and poised bodies, but those moments in between that reveal the out-takes, where gestures belie that vivacious, confident woman caught only a millisecond before. Somehow we all know one of these fabulous creatures. She oozes with self-possession, acuity and style. She has a kind of élan, or je ne sais quoi that can be neither bought nor photoshopped.

With a prolonged gaze however, we might realize that she is not one but many women, she is composite and contemporary taste, she is a construction created by you and I, and ‘them’ out there. Suddenly, McCulloch’s aim comes into sharp relief, as she problematises the very act of looking to turn it on its head. She asks simply: What do you want from her? And in asking this question, McCulloch characterises the expectations we place on others and ourselves in the performance of everyday life."

Excerpt from the catalogue essay by Dr Laini Burton, Lecturer, Queensland College of Art