Alexandra Standen in the studio

During the covid-19 lockdown we will be keeping you updated with new works and insights into our artists’ practice, process & inspiration...

- Fill us in on what you are working on at the moment.. either before or during isolation

I’m trying to experiment a little more with form and surface. I have been meaning to start testing new glazed for ages but always put it off. Now seems like the perfect time to test new materials and recipes. I even started doing an online glaze course.

- Being an artist is usually a solitary pursuit - do you have one tip or trick for people who are new to WFH, to stay motivated each day?
Waking up early is always the best way to remain motivated. I have found that if I set my alarm to the time I usually wake up then I feel pretty good about the day. I start it with yoga in my kitchen (I live in a small apartment so I have moved the kitchen’s actually pretty good as a make shift yoga studio) and then head to the studio. Don’t let the whole day go by without taking to anyone, give someone a call just for a chat. 

- What are you watching, listening to, looking at …
I just finished listening to Dolly Parton’s America on Apple podcasts. Highly recommend even if you’re not a Dolly fan.

- No one has a clue how long this will go for or what the world may be like after but… if there was one good thing, be it personal or in general, that you hope to come out of this, what would it be?
I have actually found I’m connecting with my friends and family more. It’s all from a distance but it’s been nice to check up on everyone and have long chats over the phone.