24 - 27 Jan 2013

dianne tanzer gallery is proud to present two new bodies of work by artists Marian Drew and Victoria Reichelt at Art Stage Singapore 2013.

Marian Drew’s photographic work explores native fauna and its preservation. Known for her contemporary Australian interpretations of 16th century still lives, Marian Drew’s photographs are a classical homage to native wildlife. Concerned with the value of deceased creatures, her subjects are the result of road kill, poisoned waters, and destruction of habitual animal and bird pathways replaced by human interventions. Her work presents wildlife that is dislocated from the idealized view of animals in their natural environs. The long lens of the wildlife photographer is replaced by the close up lens, painted light and the tabletop.

“In my practice I look at objects that are in danger of becoming obsolete or are in different states of change. There has been a lot of talk over the past few years about how books and magazines are transitioning from being physical to being digital, and concern that we may eventually lose them as objects all together. This series of works uses the juxtaposition of animals within library environments to consider the shifting roles of these spaces as a result of the change in the way we receive information”
– Victoria Reichelt