Sydney Contemporary Art Fair 2022

8 - 11 Sep 2022

Sydney Contemporary Art Fair

08 – 11 Aug


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Sydney Contemporary returns in 2022 from 8–11 September (Collector Preview, 7 September) with the country’s largest and most diverse gathering of leading galleries. Staged at Carriageworks, Australia’s largest multi-arts centre, the Fair welcomes over 80 galleries showcasing the work of over 450 leading and emerging artists exhibiting the best in contemporary art.

Vincent Namatjira’s imagery calls on Australia’s colonial history, with recurring references to Captain Cook, the British Royal family, political leaders, and on contemporary aspects of Indigenous life. Infusing history with a sharp eye and dry wit, his works highlight the ongoing impact that colonial expansion and political motivations have on the lives of Indigenous Australians, particularly people in remote communities. Painting influential figures from his studio in remote Australia also bring those people closer to his own life, reinforcing their far-reaching impact on everyday existence around the globe. The political is always personal.

Johnathon World Peace Bush is an artist, poet and human rights advocate. His gestural compositions project across space and boldly announce the authority of the artist’s hand. Bush’s works draw on his background as an Indigenous Tiwi Islander based on remote, traditional lands yet immersed in contemporary culture. ‘For both my Tiwi people and my global family I want culture to be strong. Without culture we are all lost…I hold the Western and Aboriginal law in my hands for all mankind to be equal. I have to balance both laws. I have been through many obstacles in order for my words to be heard. I hope my artwork gives a glimpse into my strong beliefs of a want for world peace and equality for all humankind: This time is your time. It is time for you to talk big. You need to fight to keep culture alive. I remember my older male ancestors saying this to me. They have all passed away now, but they have left work for me to do…it is important to link the past to the present for healthy future regeneration. Like a chain reaction. To fix up a family tree you have to go down to the roots and into the past. Love is the fruit of good family. I work for a future that is bright and where everything will be alright.’ -Johnathon World Peace Bush

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