16 - 22 Jun 2014

We are excited to announce our next THIS IS NO FANTASY international project, showing at VOLTA10 BASEL from 16-22 June, 2014. We are currently exhibiting photographic works by Jacqui Stockdale and Marian Drew and custom made wallpaper by photomedia artist Valerie Sparks. In very different and personal ways these artists reflect on notions of identity, place and the role art and objects play in shaping history and cultural memory.

Drew’s compelling photographs reference the wealth and privilege inherent in early European still-life painting, which transported to an Australian context with its odd assortment of animals and parched landscapes renders ‘old world’ fabrics and tableware as out of place – loaded with melancholy and nostalgia – a sad reminder of what was left behind.

Stockdale’s photographic portraits reflect on the role of history and cultural lineage in forging identity. Masked and dressed in costume her fanciful characters are layered with cross-cultural, mythological and personal references. They are at once comical, grotesque and beautiful. Custom-created wallpaper by Valerie Sparks will form the panoramic backdrop to the works. The myriad elements create a unique interpretation of Australia’s colonial vestiges.