Charlie Ingemar Harding


Harding works in painting and installation; his humanist approach is candid and spontaneous, cultivating sincere, quiet moments. He realises his art through his process – instinctive and understated, which traverses freely between abstraction and figuration. There is a solitary feeling in viewing Harding’s work whereby one is comforted through a strange familiarity of the composition and a private intimacy between yourself and the artwork.

In 2020 Harding was awarded the prestigious Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship, shortly after graduating from the Victorian College of Arts, Melbourne.

“The works evoke past and future; old and new, sewn together for their contrast of tone, weight and texture. The physicality of the making is championed; raw ripped edges left and the seams and the undersides of seams exposed, utilised as a marking tool. By stretching the works on traditional painting bars the limits of what constitutes a painting are flirted with and challenged.” – Harding