Chris Aerfeldt


Chris Aerfeldt, who currently lives in France and shows primarily in London, is an artist whose luscious large-scale paintings draw on influences as diverse as baroque painting and contemporary fashion images, wryly juxtaposing mythology and modernity the photo-real and surreal. Aerfeldt’s composites present playful alternatives to the current political and economic gloom and doom with resourceful, larger than life women transforming objects into tongue-in-cheek solutions to highlight the futility of more serious strategies being proposed. Aerfeldt uses traditional painting techniques, layering materials such as sun-thickened linseed oil, eggs, chalk powder from the Champagne region and lead white pigment in her works. The result is rich, complex works that gently toy with nostalgia for a ‘golden’ past.

A past winner of the Anne and Gordon Samstag Visual Arts Scholarship, Aerfeldt’s work has attracted the attention of international collectors and curators including Charles Saatchi, David Roberts, Robert Devereux and Medeia Cohen. Aerfeldt also represented Australia at the 2010 ‘G20 World Artists Festival’.