Marcel Cousins


Marcel Cousins practice is underpinned by a theme of appropriation. His work samples and borrows from everyday icons, objects and images, including bank notes, toys and images from art history, removing them from their original settings and re- contextualising them to generate new interpretations and meanings.

Cousins work is bold, graphic and sophisticated. He combines established techniques with the latest technology, challenging and perfecting each medium. His capacity with airbrushing is legendary his meticulous paintings are airbrushed freehand, his refusal to use stencils and aids in stark contrast to the mass-produced iconography and objects he quotes in his work.

Cousins completed his PhD in Fine Art at Tama University, Tokyo in 2008 for which he was awarded a Monbukagakushou Scholarship. His work is included in institutional collections including the National Gallery of Australin, the Australian War Memorial and Artbank. He won the Gold Coast City Art Prize and has been a finalist in numerous awards including the Arthur Guy Painting Prize 2015 and Sulman Prize in 2015, the McClelland Sculpture Survey and Award 2014 and the City of Albany Art Prize 2014 and previously the Substation Art Award, Fletcher Jones Art Prize, Hobart City Council Prize and Mosman Art Prize.