Blak on Blak – Artlink


Look out for the special edition of Artlink. Yhonnie Scarce is featured along with other significant  artists  including Vernon Ah Kee, Fiona Foley, Gordon Hookey, Richard Bell and Lin Onus, Tony Albert, Gary Lee, Dianne Jones, Beaver Lennon, and Bindi Cole This is a publication of significance in the development of contemporary Australian Indigenous art and the recognition of a powerful cast of emerging critical writers.

Blak on blak is Indigenous authors writing about the tough hard-hitting art which first emerged in Queensland in recent years and came to national prominence when Richard Bell was awarded the Telstra prize for his controversial painting Bell’s Theorem which carried the message Aboriginal Art It's a White Thing.

The formation of the ProppaNow group focused the energies of Richard Bell, Vernon Ah Kee, Fiona Foley, Gordon Hookey and others whose brilliant use of irony, satire and blak humour first shocked and then captivated an audience, forcing a confrontation with issues of racism and ignorance.