Cherine Fahd: The assumptions people make about bearded men

Cherine Fahd is an artist and senior lecturer in photography at the University of Technology Sydney's School of Design. In her article: The assumptions people make about bearded men, Fahd poses the question can a young Arabic man (or a man who simply has a dark beard and dark “look”) enjoy the same style choices and physical freedoms as his fairer Anglo counterparts? “The way someone looks – the size of their nose or the abundance of body or facial hair – is an amusing topic of dinner discussions in my Lebanese–Australian family. The topic that has dominated lately has been the “look” of my two brothers. With big dark eyes, prominent noses, tattooed muscles and distinctive beards, their appearance has become an anxiety issue for my parents.” This editorial coincides with a ongoing photographic YOU LOOK LIKE A… series where Fahd photographs portraits of her family and friends.   Read full article HERE