2012 Exhibition

Becc Orszag

7 Apr - 3 Jun 2012

My work questions the voyeurs moral ambivalence and role as a witness to their own experience. It’s the potential for upheaval or worse, nothingness that we constantly seem to be on the edge of. Unseen and unspoken, we are unaware of just how close to that line we are. Too caught up in just existing that we forget to question and instead just do.

An individual’s unique memory and experience are often replaced by that of a collective. I am interested in the de-indivisualisation of society through seemingly mindless participation and witnessing. Through highly detailed small scale drawings I explore unresolved narratives forcing individual observation and interpretation. Figures are removed from their original contexts into dissected, re-imagined, illusionary realms. Gestures are exaggerated, mimicry is amplified and gazes are obscured. The protagonists become anonymous and redundant stripped of power and will. The viewer unable to meet their eye becomes a witness acutely aware of their voyeuristic behaviour. The subjects actions appear utilitarian and choreographed yet purpose unknown, controlled like a marionette. I use notational and framing devices and coded markings as a false relief to suggest explanation but ultimately further confound and mislead.

– Becc Orszag