2022 Sulman Prize

Vincent Namatjira

14 May - 28 Aug 2022

2022 Sulman Prize Finalist Exhibition 14 May – 28 August Art Gallery of New South Wales

Congratulations to Vincent Namatjira for being selected as a finalist for the 2022 Sulman Prize for his work ‘The Royal Tour (The Balcony)’.

“For me, the canvas is a setting where I can combine the past, the present and possible futures, and I can put myself – as a proud Aboriginal man – at the front and centre of a situation where we would usually be out of sight.

The Queen and royal family are interconnected with my own family history. My great-grandfather Albert Namatjira met Queen Elizabeth II back in 1954 and the royal family owns some of his watercolour paintings.

In this painting I’m on equal footing with the royals. I’m just about to suggest that we head inside the palace for a cuppa tea and take a look at those Namatjira watercolours.”

Vincent Namatjira, 2022