40 years of 3CR at Gertrude Contemporary

Megan Cope

18 Mar - 23 Apr 2016

Celebrating 40 years of 3CR, this exhibition at Gertrude Contemporary explores the station’s history of radical broadcasting and how it has thrived in its endeavour to foreground the often unheard voices of Aboriginal people, women, workers, ethnic and GLBTIQ communities, people with disabilities, environmentalists, artists and musicians. The exhibition will present a combination of recordings, technological hardware, photographic and textual documents from the station’s vast historical archive, alongside newly commissioned artworks by local artists. Megan Cope has created an artwork for the front window of Gertrude Contemporary, Makin’ Waves, which will be installed until 25 June.

“The work radiates out, as per radio waves, calling to the ongoing work towards treaty processes within a new republic, Indigenous sovereignty in action, and the restoration of lands and waters-based ceremonial-political practices. It is a visual reminder to passersby of the foundational unfinished business of settler colonial foray in the unceded, stolen biik lands and baan waters of Australia. Cope is well known for her corrective mapping of country that situates rising sea levels in lands and waters again known by their timeless names in First Nations languages. ”
– Léuli Mazyar Luna’i Eshraghi, Ua numi le fau, Catalogue Essay

Installation photography by Keelan O’Hehir.