A Forest: LaTrobe Regional Gallery, Morwell

Juan Ford

17 Jun - 17 Sep 2023

A Forest
LaTrobe Regional Gallery, Morwell VIC

Artists: Ros Atkins, John Bellany, Juan Ford, Janina Green, Eileen Harrison, John Ford Patterson, Bob Pelchen, Pezaloom, Susan Purdy, Dean Smith, Polly Stanton, Sophia Szilagyi, Peter Whitting, John Wolseley

This exhibition combines works from the Latrobe Regional Gallery Collection with works by invited artists, which contemplate the forest landscape.
The forest is a landscape loaded with symbolism that has been commonly referenced throughout history in art and literature. From popular fiction to traditional fairy tales, the forest can represent the human psyche, the unknown, danger and magic – untameable and inhabited by strange and bewildering creatures. In other contexts, such as health and wellbeing, the forest is often promoted as a place to visit to reconnect with the natural environment. Forests are some of the most biodiverse places on Earth and a vital part of our ecosystem.

138 Commercial Road
Morwell, Victoria