Magic Object: Adelaide Biennial 2016

Chris Bond

27 Feb - 15 May 2016

Chris Bond has been selected to exhibit in the 2016 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art, Magic Object. Curated by Lisa Slade, the 2016 Biennial takes inspiration from the Wunderkammer, delving into a world of wonder and enchantment through the eyes of Australian contemporary artists. Magic Object will offer a space where free associations and insights are made possible by artists and audiences – the Wunderkammer offers itself up as tool with which to not only view the world, but to critique it.

The designs of each of Bond’s books were based loosely on existing designs found at the VCA library. Bond searched for books that were monochromatic, and showed signs of intense human handling. Each of the publisher logos was invented. The call number used for each book, 704.949133, was developed in consultation with library staff at the VCA and Melbourne University, and fits into the Dewey system in a rarely used category that defines occult practice in the visual arts.

The Le Vitt University Library was invented as the place from which these books apparently originated. The library name can be seen on the top of the painted ISBN number stickers on the back of four of the books.

Once designed, the books were constructed using MDF, canvas, calico and paint, with attention paid to the simulation of the original materials of the source books, along with the wear each carried.

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