Archiving the Ephemeral – Performing the Archive: Abbotsford Convent

Jill Orr

15 - 22 Apr 2023

PERFORMING THE ARCHIVE asks two prominent Australian artists to choose 20 significant moments from their body of work. Each moment is represented by image cards which are shared with audiences in one-on-one encounters. The work is one of five presented in Leisa Shelton’s exhibition, Archiving the Ephemeral.

Performing the Archive seeks to enable audiences to join the archive of Australian experimental art, through oral history and generational transference. These histories become known and can be retold into the future as a LIVING ARCHIVE.

Performing The Archive is presented with artists Jill Orr and STELARC, the most continuously named artists in the national version of Leisa’s work, Mapping, in 2014 – 16.


15, 16 and 22 April 2023

10am — 4pm

Boiler Room, Abbotsford Convent