Art Basel Miami Beach 2018

Vincent Namatjira

5 - 9 Dec 2018

We are thrilled to be showing Vincent Namatjira at Art Basel Miami Beach in December; the first Aboriginal Indigenous artist and the first Australian gallery to show at one of the world’s most prestigious fairs.

Art Basel Miami Beach is on at the Miami Beach Convention Centre, Florida from 5 – 9 December 2018.

Namatjira´s imagery reflects on Australia’s colonial history, with recurring references to Captain Cook, the British Royal family, political leaders, and contemporary aspects of Indigenous life. His latest works reveal his growing interest in contemporary discourse around international political issues. Drawing on imagery from popular culture, Namatjira paints influential figures from his studio in remote Australia. By bringing those people closer to his own life, he reflects on and reinforces their far-reaching impact on everyday existence around the globe. The political is always personal.

‘I have painted some of the political leaders and big decision makers in the world today. I’m interested in these powerful figures and world-leaders – I see them on the news and wonder how and why they make their decisions. These people are far away from the remote community where I live, but when I paint them it brings them into my world. I also discovered I share the same birthday as Donald Trump.  Having just a little bit of humour can take the power out of a serious situation, whether something is happening to you right now, or it happened long ago – it lets you be in a little bit of control again, you can get a bit of cheeky revenge. A sense of humour and a paintbrush is a powerful thing.’ (Vincent Namatjira)

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