Missile Park: Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA)

Yhonnie Scarce

27 Mar - 14 Jun 2021

Featuring a major new commission and drawing upon existing works over the past fifteen years, the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne, and Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, are collaborating to present a major survey of leading contemporary artist Yhonnie Scarce.

Yhonnie Scarce is an artist known for sculptural installations which span architecturally-scaled public art projects to intimately-scaled assemblages replete with personal and cultural histories. Scarce is a master glass-blower, which she puts to the service of spectacular and spectral installations full of aesthetic, cultural and political significance. Her work also engages the photographic archive and found objects to explore the impact and legacies of colonial and family histories and memory.

Scarce’s work often references the on-going effects of colonisation on Aboriginal people. Her research has explored the impact of nuclear testing and the removal and relocation of Aboriginal people from their homelands and the forcible removal of Aboriginal children from their families. Family history is central to Scarce’s work, drawing on the experience and strength of her ancestors, and sharing their significant stories from the past in the present. Her work also engages with the disciplinary forms of colonial institutions and representation – religion, ethnography, medical science, museology, taxonomy – as well as monumental and memorial forms of public art and remembrance. Her work is both autobiographical and ancestral, ensuring that her family are never forgotten or lost within the labyrinthine administration of the colonial archive.

Curated by Lisa Waup, Max Delany and Liz Nowell

Images: Yhonnie Scarce Missile Park, Installation view at Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne. Photograph Andrew Curtis

ACCA (Australian Centre for Contemporary Art) · Yhonnie Scarce in conversation with Max Delany" href="https://soundcloud.com/acca_melbourne/missile-park-yhonnie-scarce-in-conversation-with-max-delany" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Missile Park: Yhonnie Scarce in conversation with Max Delany

ACCA (Australian Centre for Contemporary Art) · Yhonnie Scarce in conversation with Daniel Browning" href="https://soundcloud.com/acca_melbourne/yhonnie-scarce-in-conversation-with-daniel-browning" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Yhonnie Scarce in conversation with Daniel Browning