Australian Centre for Photography: GEOGRAPHY OF SPACE, ARCHAEOLOGY OF TIME

Izabela Pluta

26 Oct - 1 Dec 2018

Australian Centre for Photography: Geography of Space, Archaeology of time

Izabela Pluta and Utako Shindo

Each year the ACP facilitates a dialogue between an Australian and an International artist with the aim to foster and expand meaningful engagement and deeper global connections. In 2018, the artists are Izabela Pluta (Sydney) and Utako Shindo (Tokyo). Over the last year Shindo and Pluta have shared with one another their fascination with space and time each creating new works concerned with the processes of translation, mutation and fragmentation, both poetically and analytically. In their creative production, each seeks to suspend geographical specifities and fold time so that archaeological remains are fused within a contemporary experience of place. Sharing an enthusiasm for innovative photo media practice, both artists have also utilised the exchange to nurture an intuitive sensibility to the other’s culture.


Abstruse terms and general uncertainties series, 2018

While exploring the submarine monument and nearby coastal terrain, Izabela collected a trove of mementos. Removed from the geographical and temporal narrative of the original expansive landscape these appropriated objects took on greater significance in the mind of the artist. This series of micro-portraits, staged in Izabela’s Sydney studio, construct new identities for each artefact effectively evoking their histories while fusing them with the present.

Cavitation, 2018

Three-channel video with audio. Duration 9:06 min
In Cavitation (2018) Izabela’s drone-mounted camera surveys, at times erratically, the nearby terrain from above. Occasionally it comes across found artefacts, or flotsam, which have drifted with ocean currents to serendipitously fall between the enclaves along the coastline.
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