New Histories: Bendigo Art Gallery

Juan Ford

13 Apr - 29 Jul 2018

Juan Ford is showing in ‘New Histories’ at Bendigo Art Gallery. In the exhibition ten contemporary artists reimagine ten historic works from the 19th and early 20th century Australian and European collection of Bendigo Art Gallery. Informed by technological, social, environmental, political and historical events that have occurred since the original work’s creation, artists in the exhibition revisit interpretations of Australian and European histories through the lens of contemporary culture.

Working across mediums of performance, sound, film, painting and textiles, historic and contemporary artworks will be reframed in a series of installations throughout the contemporary and heritage courts of the Gallery. Curated by Jessica Bridgfoot ‘New Histories’ challenges the nature of art as historic record and the role of the artist and the museum as documenter, and commentator of the world.