Blindside: Beyond the Veil


30 May - 16 Jun 2018

Beyond the Veil is a group exhibition that seeks to expand and transform the perceptions, traditions and experiences of the white cube as an exhibition model. Through architectural interventions, site specifics responses, newly commissioned works as well as renewed curatorial vision upon existing works, 10 contemporary artists altogether conjure liminality (from the Latin word meaning ‘threshold’)  as experience within BLINDSIDE. Calling upon all that is unseen, peripheral and veiled in our collective blind spots, Beyond the Veil constructs and chances liminal moments that are often encountered within ritual – both ceremonial and daily – demonstrating the numinous quality of art. When in a liminal status one is considered betwixt and between, neither her nor there, and so the constructed gallery space becomes a place ripe for transformation.

Beyond the Veil, curated by Jake Treacy

Featuring: Anastasia Booth, Daniel Gawronski, Josh Hook, Paulina Hupe, Skye Kelly, Tessy King, Hernan Lopera, Diego Ramirez, Britt Salt, Jake Treacy.