Book Club: Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery

Chris Bond

26 Aug - 15 Oct 2017

Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery
Collections of tales, truths and histories – in the written form as books, ledgers and libraries – promise the revelation of secrets and imaginative ideas, facts and pathways to enlightenment. More than any other found (or lost) object, the book has a uniquely complex resonance. The book-related motif, therefore, whether literal or conceptual, offers artists countless possible layers of meaning. Contemporary artists Chris Bond, Deidre Brollo, Simryn Gill, Julie Gough, Stephen Goddard, William Kentridge, Archie Moore, Brigita Ozolins, Patrick Pound, Cyrus Tang, Ahn Wells, and writer Naomi Riddle, acknowledge the power of books in this thought-provoking collection of works.

A gallery project curated by Meryl Ryan.