Marginalia Wrapped: Brisbane Canvas Commission

Simon Degroot

19 Jul 2020

Simon Degroot has been commissioned by Brisbane City Council to create work as a part of the Brisbane Canvas project. Degroot’s large-scale artwork ‘Marginalia Wrapped’ will  be located on the high profile Toowong Overpass, an important intersection and gateway connecting the CBD with the western suburbs.

Patterned shapes cover the mural surface, they are overlaid with enlarged gestural marks celebrating a human connection in urban space. These enlarged gestural scribbles transform the incidental into the monumental in this work. The design also references an idea of simultaneous concealing and revealing as gestural marks are painted as if in a translucent overlay on the surface of the work. This encourages a kind of deep looking as new details are revealed each time the work is encountered. Viewers can look through the details in this work to see things differently.