Built Environment

Marcel Cousins

13 - 24 Nov 2007

In the past my work has dealt with the codification of the world around us, what impact these systems have on the way were see the world and the role we play in it. With a particular focus on perceptions in the media, systems of language, semiotics and how they influence ideas of cultural identity. More recently my work has made a conscious shift from appropriating images and dealing with the way images affect other images to how the images we create have an effect on the way we see and ultimately interact with the world around us. How has the fragmented image based world we live in changed the way we see what is around us. As before the processes that I use to generate, the images photography, computer graphics programs and finally airbrush serves as filters to transform landscapes and scenes from their original setting and play an important role in shaping them into interpretations of the environment around me. Yet they no longer have any texture or any tangible dimension to the real context from which they were originally photographed from. The resultant airbrushed paintings are in effect sanitized images of a place that does somewhere in the world exist. Where they exist is not longer relevant the paintings serve as the representation of a feeling or idea of something that we have experienced but at the same time we feel is removed from reality as sits somewhere in our consciousness along with all the other images we have seen but not experienced.

Marcel Cousins, 2007