Anna Pappas Gallery: Chrominance

Emma Coulter

15 May - 28 Jun 2015

Interested in the concept of liminal space, Emma Coulter creates expansive paintings that leap from the wall into the physical plane, utilising saturated hues to enhance this metaphysical element. The colours that Coulter uses play off relationships based on placement, proportion and adjacency in response to space to create prismatic realms where imagination can take hold.

For this exhibition, Coulter created site-specific works that continue the theme of painting as an expanded field, relating to the concept of chrominance. As an approach to painting, chrominance unites site, colour and space, while also alluding to colour being a dominant substance, rather than as a secondary element to the work.

Through her approach to colour and painting, Coulter deliberately controls our experience – spatial elements will be revealed, destroyed and reinvented, defined by the site and situation, creating an interstitial space that exists between place and painting.

Text Credit: Anna Pappas Gallery