‘Defining Place/Space’ Contemporary Photography from Australia: MOPA, San Diego

Michael Cook

1 Mar - 22 Sep 2019

Defining Place/Space: Contemporary Photography from Australia represents the current state of contemporary photography in Australia through the work of thirteen artists including several whose work is being shown in the United States for the first time. The featured photographers were nominated by five Australian senior curators of photography; finalists were selected by MOPA’s Executive Director and Chief Curator, Deborah Klochko.

The exhibition shows that art-making in Australia is not just about the flora and fauna of the country. The artists reflect many different perspectives on the creativity that exists in the country. The nomination of four Aboriginal artists touches upon the country’s relationship with indigenous people, and the ways that history affects art-making. Defining Place/Space is more than what people will expect. It shows a country at the forefront of photographic image-making, opening a dialogue with the rest of our world about the place Australia holds in the creation of art.

Artists featured in the exhibition include: Hoda Afshar, Polly Borland, Pat Brassington, Michael Cook, Rosemary Laing, Ricky Maynard, Tracey Moffatt, Polixeni Papapetrou, Trent Parke, Patrick Pound, Jacky Redgate, James Tylor, and Justine Varga.