Emma Coulter

13 - 29 Jul 2018

Emma Coulter is currently exhibiting at ADHOC, Bochum, Germany. Through the meticulous arrangement of a sequence of colours, Coulter intercepts architectural space, through her site specific ‘spatial deconstruction’ works.

Reorganising our spatial perception, the architectural space operates as a found object in her painting practice, becoming both a support, a framing device and a constituent of the work all at once.

For doppel symmetrie, Coulter intervenes with her usual dialogue of ordered colour in response to the unique architectural envelope, by making a painting that can be viewed from both the inside and the outside, literally and figuratively speaking.

This is Coulter’s first site specific work in Europe, having created multiple interventions in New York, Sydney, Melbourne and Byron Bay in various types of contexts.

doppel symmetrie at adhoc, will be spatial deconstruction #18, in her series of site specific works.