Yhonnie Scarce

1 Jan 2010

Yhonnie’s first solo exhibition at Dianne Tanzer Gallery + Projects extends on the themes of her previous practice. Often referencing the on-going effects of Colonisation on Aboriginal people, Scarce comments on the social and political mores of historical and contemporary Australia in regards to this Colonisation.

This series of work relates to the removal and containment of Indigenous people during the settlement of Australia. Found objects such as the suitcase symbolises white settlement and how indigenous people were gathered together and ‘shipped’ off at the same time. They were often removed in large numbers from their homelands and ‘held’ in remote areas of the country, often on Christian Mission settlements. Scarce purposely utilises clear glass as a metaphor to depict Australia’s past treatment of indigenous peoples. The translucency of glass thus exposes the hidden, invisible and dismissed culture. Which at times still takes place today.