Mohamed Mohamed Mohamed: BLINDSIDE

Ezz Monem

10 - 27 Aug 2022

Blindside Gallery

The Nicholas Building
Room 14, Level 7, 37 Swanston Street, Melbourne

Mohamed Mohamed Mohamed is a multichannel video, sound, and slide projection work which is part of a larger project using the artist’s first name ‘Mohamed’ as a starting point. The project explores the tension between reverence and the profane by creating a manifold portrait of Mohamed appropriated from Egyptian cinema. In this iteration, an archive of the name has been built based on specific criteria that involve the use of the name Mohamed, either as a fictional character, a symbolic representation in a religious film, or an actor’s real name displayed in the opening credits.
The process of copying images and videos has been accompanied by erasure and transformative processes de-contextualizing the different references of the name and highlighting the ghostly boundaries of representation.

Opening: 11 Aug 2022, 6pm

Wednesday – Saturday, 12 – 6pm
Closed on public holidays
(+61) 3 9650 0093