Under the Covers: Brunswick Temporary

Ezz Monem

26 Oct - 11 Nov 2023

This exhibition carefully explores the quiet significance found in everyday objects and materials, memories, and the overlooked details of urban life. These artists reveal layers of meaning through their distinct transformation methods, inviting us to question the presented narratives.

Hootan Heydari’s work speaks to the persistence of memory and the personal echoes of broader historical events. His technique of covering and subsequently uncovering photographs reveals themes of longing, absence and erasure in forming memories. Ezz Monem turns our attention to the streets, finding abandoned items that bear the weight of intimate but untold stories, urging a re-evaluation of what we deem insignificant. In contrast, Jaime Emily Powell’s work confronts the themes of identity and space, as her large-scale prints assert a protective and temporary presence, reflecting the transient nature of human connections and the continual reshaping of our identities.

This exhibition asks viewers to consider uncovering not just as a physical revelation but as a deeper understanding of the narratives surrounding us. “Under the Covers” challenges us to think about how stories are told, hidden, and rediscovered, highlighting the importance of looking beyond the surface. It explores memory, identity, and the often-unseen connections that bind our stories together.

“Under the Covers” celebrates the silent eloquence of objects, the language of materiality, and the stories that ripple beneath surfaces. Here, amidst the interplay of memory and history, we find a shared humanity, a common thread that binds us across cultures and experiences.

Curated by Karleng Lim
On show at Brunswick Temporary from 26 Oct – 11 Nov, 2023