Fieldwork: Grace Cossington Smith Gallery

Ellen Dahl

6 - 28 Oct 2023

Emilio Cresciani, Ellen Dahl, James Farley, David Haines, Yvette Hamilton, Samantha Jade, Matthew James, Koji Makino, Rebecca Murray, Remi Siciliano, Bryden Williams and Jack Harman (Curator)

Fieldwork brings together a diverse group of artists whose works critically engage with ecology, materiality, and temporality through photo-graphic media. The exhibition seeks to foster ecological thinking and draw attention to the dynamic vitality, rhythms, interactions, and language of multi-species environments. Fieldwork showcases the works of artists who not only employ photomedia but also utilise other mediums that engage with natural processes and generate expanded outcomes.

Abbotsleigh, Wahroonga NSW