Five weeks in a Balloon

Amy Joy Watson

1 Feb - 1 Mar 2014

Like some childhood fantasy, Amy Joy Watson’s sculptural forms are suspended in reality as well as space. However, unlike childhood renderings, her work is a testament to an adult’s patience and refinement. Utilising panels –¬†often cut with pinking shears – that echo dressmaking patterns, Watson employs humble, even banal, materials¬†which are then elevated via her artistic interventions into tantilising and engaging forms. Hand-stitched sparkled cottons bind balsa wood elements to form personalised futuristic worlds where multi-faceted spheres float with extraordinary grace. Following a previous series featuring a Schiaparelli-pink helium balloon, Watson’s current installation feels like some sophisticated solar-system model, one which plays with the contrast between idealised digital perfection made personal, even ‘human’, through her hand-crafted means of production.