Fragile Earth: EXTINCTION: Gippsland Art Gallery

Juan Ford

11 Jun - 28 Aug 2022

In 2022 Gippsland Art Gallery introduces ‘Fragile Earth‘, a new series of biennial exhibitions that will each explore different aspects of our changing climate and its effects on life on earth. The first of this series, ‘Extinction’, has been thoughtfully curated by Louisa Waters and Melanie Caple, and draws together the work of some 100 artists.

Fragile Earth: Extinction sees artists come together to explore and articulate through their various art practices the complexity of our current ecological crisis. In response to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, artists from the Gippsland collective CARE (Concerned Artists Resisting Extinction) and invited artists from across Australia use this exhibition to ask: how can we communicate and document the story of rapid loss of species, habitats, and ecosystems? With great sensitivity, the featured artists poetically express the fragile stories of the sixth extinction and work conscientiously to illustrate the relevance of ecology and nature conservation through artistic enquiry.