Glasshouse Regional Gallery: Reversal

Izabela Pluta

18 May - 21 Jul 2019

Reversal is a photographically-based installation that draws on Rose Macaulay’s 1953 book, Pleasure of Ruins, which articulates a relationship between the disappearance of buildings and the limitations of words used to describe them. Pluta’s exhibition materially translates, fragments and reconfigures Macaulay’s ideas to explore the mutability of things and the impermanence of places.


Izabela Pluta embraces photography as a way of interpreting and re-conceptualising the role of images in our lives. She describes her processes of finding, fragmenting and reconfiguring as ‘gleaning’ – as a ‘poetic scavenging’. Central to her work is the notion of an expanded photographic materiality which sees her work across murals, re-photographed photographs, collages, video, artists’ books, found paraphernalia and discarded objects from the natural world. Conceptually anchored in the effects of globalisation and Pluta’s experience as a migrant to Australia, her work articulates a fluid mode of being in the world.