Solid Gold: HOTA

Abbey McCulloch

8 May - 4 Jul 2021

The new HOTA Gallery’s first ever major exhibition premieres new works indoors and out, celebrating the diversity, richness and ambition of the Gold Coast.

On show are a variety of artforms including sculpture, weaving, textiles, ceramics, painting, photography, video, and installation.

The exhibition features Abbey McCulloch’s ‘The Mountains’, alongside other established Australian artists, locally recognised artists and collectives.

They remind us of the beauty of the landscape, capturing it through a local lens. In a city that is ever developing, they also examine our sometime fraught relationship with the nature and, optimistically, they show us how as individuals we might relate more harmoniously to this wonderful world around us.

Solid Gold was curated following a call out seeking the best and brightest visual artists with strong ties to the Gold Coast, and showcases the thriving (and growing) creative wealth of the region. The 2021 $100,000 opportunity was fast tracked earlier this year to support artists financially when they needed it most.