IN THE GALLERY: Detritus Springs

Jill Orr

10 Jun - 5 Jul 2020

Jill Orr, Detritus Springs, 2018 from THIS IS NO FANTASY on Vimeo.

Someone’s waste is another’s treasure, as the saying goes, which becomes the heart of recycling, re-inventing and transforming material from one form into another. The George Farmer Building is a testament from which detritus springs into a new built form. The same could be said of plant life, the hardy tenacious weed that shoots new growth through cracks in concrete where the conditions for life emerge from very slim margins. Detritus Springs is a performance, installation and video that from a smoke filled place of post apocalyptic illusion re-creates the potential for new life in a form that is perhaps unfamiliar.

The video is a collaboration with Jill Orr, Ben Mangan, Dave McKinnar and Luke Keys
Sound: Steve Bell
Photography, Christina Simons
Commissioned by BOAA, The Biennale of Australian Art curated by Julie Collins, 2018.

Installation images by Janelle Low