On now at the gallery: composites

Emma Coulter

27 Oct - 17 Nov 2018

Through the meticulous and familiar arrangement of a sequence of colours, ‘composites’ brings together a new proposition of geometry in Coulter’s work, whilst also extending the dialogue into new material and spatial forms. Ideas are combined, in creation of more complex and detailed compositions that embrace a feeling of ‘decoration’ rather than reduction.

The spatial dialogue reverberates across genres, through painting, installation and sculpture, across architectural space, three dimensional objects and two dimensional planes.

In Coulter’s practice, colour is a repetitive idea and a conceptual concern. Outcomes are derived here from the combination, arrangement, proportion and placement of the spectrum of colours we have become acquainted with.
There is a desire for the union of high and low culture to meet, mingle and have a party of sorts, through making new statements about what culture is and who’s invited through the idea of colour, and its’ many associations.

‘composites’ is Emma’s first solo exhibition with THIS IS NO FANTASY : dianne tanzer + nicola stein, having held numerous solo exhibitions throughout Australia, as well as New York, Berlin and more recently, Bochum Germany.
Prizes and grants received by the artist, include an Ian Potter Cultural Trust Grant, The Linden Art Prize, the Woollahra Small Sculpture Viewer’s Choice Award, the Fiona Myer Award, an Australian Artists Grant and the Jim Marks Postgraduate Scholarship. She holds a Masters of Contemporary Art from the Victorian College of the Arts.