IN THE GALLERY: I Don’t See Myself

Janelle Low

14 Apr - 1 May 2021

We are pleased to present Janelle Low’s second solo exhibition with THIS IS NO FANTASY


There’s a big drawer in my family home that is full of photo albums.

Celebrations and commiserations. Milestones alongside the mundane.

Thousands of moments, places and people.

So much family history.

So much cultural history.

So much that I was not a part of. But feel inextricably linked and connected to.

I Don’t See Myself brings together a series of works exploring familial ties, cultural loss and the nature of memory.

Reworking archival family photos, the processes used oscillate between taking control and letting go of control to evoke a sense of intimacy while simultaneously embodying distance as well.

Side by side the works create a ‘family album’ of sorts, and reflect upon the space between my cultural heritage, western upbringing and deeply rooted feelings of filial piety.