IN THE GALLERY: Physical Nature

Alexandra Standen

5 - 29 Feb 2020

We are pleased to present Physical Nature, Alexandra Standen’s first solo show at THIS IS NO FANTASY.

“For me, 2019 was a year defined by time spent living and working internationally; firstly, as a resident at the Cité internationale des arts in Paris and then while undertaking self-guided research living in Turkey.

As I traversed these foreign landscapes, I was keenly aware of the differing rhythms of daily life and was fascinated how quickly my consciousness ordered, catalogued and familiarised them within my cognitive frame. Absent conscious intent, I realised how fast I formed rituals (from the paths I walked to the places I ate) and the resulting familiarity that arose. As an artist who works in a tactile manner, I also found this process became manifest in my creative output; both physically as well as conceptually. As I moulded and shaped the differing forms, I felt the influence of history, culture and the energy of contemporary life move through the work; ebb and flow. This call and response, the many failures and the startling successes led me on a journey that was equal parts personal and creative.

Physical Nature is the exhibition resulting from this journey. Taking their cue from both contemporary and historical ceramic forms, this body of work acts as a proxy for my experiences; embodying all the beauty and ever shifting contrasts inherent in the unknown. They extrapolate my environment and in doing so, create a new landscape to inhabit. I feel this body of work will be pivotal for my future practice and represents a significant moment in time.”
Alexandra Standen


photography: Janelle Low