IN THE GALLERY: So Here’s The Thing

Jo Plank

6 Sep - 2 Oct 2021

Jo Plank ‘SO HERES THE THING’ Install Video from THIS IS NO FANTASY on Vimeo.


This body of work explores the value of mark-making through urgent expression. Each artwork represents a time in the artist’s life when intense feelings needed wrangling.
Feelings of unrequited love, of simply being in love.

The artist shifts from cathartic focus to unconscious mark making. She documents the hours spent mining for meaning through conversations with friends. A poetic glimpse into an otherwise private moment.

For Plank, the finite properties of the paper, despite its often vast scale, serves as a boundary to what might otherwise feel infinite.

Repetition allows for a meditative form of closure. Initial marks take shape, abstract lines find form. A personal transformation reveals itself on paper, and with it, a chance to move on.

Plank lays bare the residue of personal trauma and in doing so, stumbles across the act of letting go.

By Susan Mountford & Claudia Christo