Marian Drew

15 May 2020

Fill us in on what you are working on at the moment…

I’ve been working on building a new web site and making a mountain range. Mountains seem the perfect distraction!

Being an artist is usually a solitary pursuit – do you have any tips for people who are new to WFH?

Its good to keep to a routine but also give your self space to dream a little. One of the things we have now with home isolation is more time to think and read. Good rime for R & D.

What are you watching, listening to, looking at …

I’m not watching movies or tv – just listening to ABC radio and reading books and learning to play the ukulele. Just finished ‘How to do nothing: resisting the attention economy by artist and Stanford professor Jenny Odell. Itss a good reminder to take time to look at the clouds and the birds.

No one has a clue how long this will go for or what the world may be like after but… if there was one good thing, be it personal or in general, that you hope to come out of this, what would it be?

I hope we come of this with renewed understanding of what we really value. Getting outside, enjoying the natural world, seeing friends and family, sharing meals and conversation, making music and art and just being curious about everything. I hope we see that we have the capacity to change things really quickly if we need to – and that is what we have to do to preserve bio diversity and reduce the impacts of climate change.