Simon Degroot

6 May 2020

During the covid-19 lockdown we will be keeping you updated with new works and insights into our artists’ practice, process & inspiration…

Fill us in on what you are working on at the moment.. either before or during isolation

This time in isolation means more time to experiment in the studio, to read, research and make new work. In my house, it also means balancing this time alongside small children who are also drawing, painting and peeling stickers. I’ve been collecting some of these peeled stickers sheets after they’ve been discarded and thinking about what remains, the left over and unprinted template capturing the spaces between the stickers and is a small record of our moment in time.

For me, these collected sticker sheets of assorted objects are connected to a legacy of still life painting. They are a metaphor for the transitory and the precarious and are a starting point for a series of new paintings. The abstracted forms are open-ended and undetermined providing an opportunity to revisit some painting fundamentals including form, colour, transparency and reflection.


Being an artist is usually a solitary pursuit – do you have one tip or trick for people who are new to WFH, to stay motivated each day?

Working from home can be ideal if you can stay motivated. For me, the challenge isn’t in the solitude because working from home is a great chance to be completely focused. It is important to take breaks though and stay connected. I make sure that I continue to be socially engaged and use technology to talk with colleagues, family and friends. I’m still not sure of the best platform and move between Microsoft Teams, Collaborate, Zoom and Face Time.

To be most productive I like to keep as much of a routine as possible and think about how I will structure each day. I already have some structure to my week while teaching online classes in painting and art theory at the Queensland College of Art. These sessions are a great way to connect and talk about art and the pleasures of working from home.