Innovators 1 at Linden Centre for Contemporary Art

Britt Salt

16 May - 22 Jun 2014

Innovators 1
Linden Centre for Contemporary Art

Artists: Jessie Bullivant, littlewhitehead, curated by David Hagger, Nicholas Ives, James Bonnici and Amelie Scalercio, Britt Salt, Jasmine Targett

As a part of Innovators 1, SaltĀ“s new work Light Transit is an immersive and interactive installation that employs industrial materials and light to explore the intricacies of form and space. Here, masses of rubber lines extend from the edges of the gallery overlapping and interlocking to reveal manifold shapes and spaces as the viewer moves through the installation. Here, the permeable surfaces of these forms are emphasised by light filtering into the space. Creating a series of equilibriums between interior and exterior, suspension and grounding, movement and stillness.