IN THE GALLERY: Intimate Monument

Natasha Bieniek

28 Apr - 19 May 2018

Natasha Bieniek’s exhibition Intimate Monument is now on at the gallery.

‘My latest series of paintings reflects my ongoing interest into the relationship between people and nature, within an inner-city context. We, as a culture, are busier and more work orientated than ever before. Inner-city living is fast paced, noisy and overpopulated. Trains are packed and traffic is a nightmare. It can be an assault on the senses. Many of us find ourselves regularly divorced from the natural world and infrequently question the implications on our psychological and physical wellbeing. I’m interested in the notion that a stronger connection with nature could enable us to further thrive as a species and foster a more satisfying existence.

The tiny scale of my paintings aims to draw the viewer in and experience the subject intimately. Although my paintings can sit comfortably in the palm of one’s hand, they are loaded with a great amount of detail. For me, the natural world remains the most sensory-stimulating and information-rich environment that people ever encounter and my work aims to reflect this. The gardens depicted in my recent series are created and constructed environments that provide a sense of tranquillity amid the chaos of a major developed city. I’m interested in exploring the interplay between people and nature in all its complexity.’ (Natasha Bieniek, 2018)