One or Two Paintings: ANCA Gallery, Canberra

Joel Arthur

5 Mar - 23 May 2021

One or Two Paintings is the premise of the exhibition at ANCA by Peter Alwast, Joel Arthur, Riley Beaumont, Rowan Kane, and Dionisia Salas, each displaying one or two recent works. Each artist is a current ANCA studio resident and because of their close proximity, underscored by the lockdowns over 2020, a deeper conversation about their processes of painting lead to this show. Exhibiting one or two of their recent works together allows the chance to generate a visual discussion of ideas between them as painters to be presented to a broader audience.

The foremost conversation between their paintings is the abstraction of subject, the honed attention to surface, and each individual’s material delivery and sensibility. Figuration and subject dips in and out of focus for each artist and what stands as the resounding concern is the treatment of the surface and the subversion of description in one mode or another. All have their own logic systems which are continually undone and found again in the process of image making.

ANCA Gallery – 1 Rosevear Place, Dickson ACT