Cracks in the Seams, 2017: Federation University

Jill Orr

19 Aug - 17 Sep 2017

Jill Orr, performance artist in collaboration with photographer, Christina Simons and the performing arts students, Federation University.

This is a work of transformation, beauty, fragility and mystery expressed within the silvery waters of Lake Wendouree. These images of trust, endurance, strength and collaboration are testament to the performing arts students and alumni whose ability to work despite the weather is extraordinary.

Thank you all: Verity Wood Kayla Roberts Tessa Luminati Braydon Bowles Bree Cummins Catherine O’Callaghan Mitchell Wigg Sheridan Herbertson Olivia Jordon Roxy Tamlin April Garreffa Caitlin Zacharis Bradley Devries Blake Aaron Kate Tomkins.

Printed by Pharos Editions.