Still Moving Despite the Tide: Melaka Art and Performance Festival 2012

Jill Orr

1 - 13 Aug 2012

Still Moving Despite the Tide, performed for the Melaka  Art and Performance Festival, 2012.

This work  is created in response to Melaka that is a Malaysian city that has been colonized several times and yet still retains its essential Malaysian character. This character, to my impressionable sensibility, is an expression of multiple religious and spiritual practices that exist harmoniously side by side.

The boat was made from local bamboo and string. I am indebted  to Roger and Andy from the Baboon House who helped me gather the materials, make the boat in their backyard and install it on a site at St Paul’s Hill. The entire Festival whose creative director is Tony Yap is an example of the spirit of the collaboration of many being larger than individual parts.

The images are photographed by Anthony Pelchan.