The Promised Land: Jenny Port Gallery

Jill Orr

16 - 26 Aug 2012

The Promised Land, Jenny Port Gallery hosted by the John Buckley Gallery, Melbourne, 2012.

This series of photographic work and performance has come from a sense of unease, an ill-defined yet pervasive panic. Scanning the world where crisis is real and life is fragile, hope and endurance are qualities that always seem to emerge as the demonstrable life force pulsates. The force of tides is both one of flow and resistance. The Promised Land is a photographic and sculptural installation and live performance that navigates this terrain.

An interview by Clair Bridge can be viewed on:

The catalogue with an essay by Dr. Christopher Heathcote  can be viewed at

This work with accompanying live performance will feature in the inaugural Venice International Performance Art Week in December 2012.

All photographs were taken by Christina Simons for Jill Orr Jill Orr ©.